Bombermania 1.0

Bombermania 1.0 is an arcade game where you need to destroy enemy robots
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Bombermania 1.0 is an arcade game where you need to destroy enemy robots.
You guide your bomber-o-mobil into 3D mazes crowded by enemy robots. If they touch you, you die. Your only weapon are bombs that you can leave behind. When they explode, they destroy everything in the near: walls, robots... or yourself, so be sure to be far from the explosions.

You have three lives. You control your car with the cursor movement keys, and you place the bombs tapping on the enter key.

You will have to eliminate every robot to go to the next level, but that´s not enough. The entrance to the next level is hidden below some wall, that you need to blow out to find your way.

There are some power-ups scattered everywhere, that you can use to earn more lives or score more points. If you blow a bomb over the entrance to the next level, a ghost car will emerge from the entrance, killing everything it finds on its way.

You have to be very careful when you place the bombs, because you can get trapped between a wall and the explosion or a robot.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an addictive game, with good 3D movements. It´s free


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